I feel like most matches are decided before they start

I don’t even remember the last time I won against paladin+deathblade combo. What can a wardancer or sorceress do against all those shields and super armors? Should we expect nerfs or should I just reroll into an op class already?



Sorceress: 4 insta ccs, 4 burst spells with high dmg, blink x3 twice a movement skill.

Learn your class.


sorc isn’t top tier in any region, there aren’t many sorcs in leaderboards and there’s nothing op about her. sharpshooter is way stronger than sorc if anything. you have to be around 900 elo to say so. this topic isn’t about her anyway

Sorc is definitly OP.

2 high range stagger lock, strangest hitbox of the game (the freezing cone freez you even if you’re not in lmao), one of the best defensive spell, if not the strongest, as much blink as u have identity, and a combo that can almost oneshot.
The fire wave too, that remind Yasuo’s wall, hitbox litteraly starting from BEHIND her.




No they just need to fucking balance the games, have 1 support on each team. I’m fucking sick of versing Bard|Pally with a third class teams. Fucking retarded devs cant even balance this shit

you’re clueless then, just watch any tier list video from late 2021. we’re playing on october balance patch. I’m playing wardancer and personally haven’t seen a single sorceress that carried the game after about 380 ranked games and never had any trouble with them.

If no-balance-existence with team matchmaking with supports classes, already doesnt make any sense.

A team match against Bard, Paladin and Artillerist is a fucking freak show. Its a fully time round with shields up every single time, with no punishing in that mechanic, just replacing one shield for another, and keeping this the whole round.

At least if a protective-shield skill has any punishiment in PvP, this would make a lot more sense, really, like, heal skills and protective-shield skills should loss efficiency in at least 50% if used a second time, and 90% a third time.

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which high dmg and insta ccs are u talking about i wonder. the one always get canceled by any dbs super armor abilities? how can u even perform against 8 sec cd super armor leap abilities with 15 * 18 sec cd so called high dmg burst spells ? and for 3x blink u have to use all your z. db combo dmg took players atleast %70 of hp do you see any sorc do that ? u learn your class then talk maybe. btw u cant even outrun deathblade with 3x blink she can always catch you and kill you. i m talking about players how to play with db. dbs all abilities has mobility well one has not are ranged atacks with 30 - 40k dmg when crit. i never hit 40k with any of sorc abilities ever. how can sorc has high dmg ?

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From what I’ve noticed between sorceress and sharpshooter is that sorceress can accomplish a lot against a deathblade far easier than a sharpshooter can. They have more CC they just have to hit with it and the freeze and reverse gravity are two very good spells to push a deathblade off of you, granted they won’t always hit since a DB might notice them quick enough to dodge but if you’re hitting with CC and your team follows up with the big damage you may be able to burst the DB down.

Sharpshooter on the other hand is basically a one trick pony, they have their claymore and then they kite their ass off. Invisibility or not usually you can take a very reasonable guess where they are and with all the AoEs going off it’s generally more likely they’ll get hit with an ability before they really get to a better position to make that invisibility worthwhile (Hell I managed to cancel a SS’s invisibility with an Auto-Attack earlier with just a random guess where they were).

Those comparing sharpshooter to sorc are completely delusional lmao. Watch kanons new video on youtube regarding grandmasters updated views on all classes in pvp, literally have SS as thee worst class, lower than DE even. They couldnt think of a concrete class it counters and just added in blade because…um it kinda can counter it…sometimes lol. Even added that they dont want to discourage people from playong SS if they find it fun and that its in such a bad state its likely in line for buffs next patch. Sry sorc is not comparable to SS and if u think sorc is that baf u need to learn ur class.

yes i feel so too, some teamcomps are just horribly matched.

At what point in my comparison of the two classes did I make Sharpshooter sound amazing? I can even say as a deathblade who only dodges the claymore like 50% of the time that they don’t really accomplish a whole lot in an average game and require way more work to get the same as other classes.

My post was a general response to the post stating that if anything SS is stronger than sorc, than the subsequent post after comparing the two, that is all.

Yeah, I instantly think I’m going to lose the match when I see sharpshooter on my team, lmao.

Good players can make every class look decent, but I feel like sharpshooter is like a fly on the wall. Annoying, but doesn’t do much. Maybe it’s just because I’m a Paladin so having sharpshooter on my team instantly means we really lack damage.

if yall see me on any alt you know your gonna lose before we start lol. learning new classes in pvp without any leveling experience is hard haha. id like to see them limit the random matchmaking somewhat to spread supports out, but I am against them adding anything that makes premades/boosts possible personally.

we are on the last pvp balance patch. the same that KOREA has as wel. i am not to sure but i doubt its the october patch

instead of watching tier lists how about you play the game and get better.

well, in korea she has been overperforming and is going to recieve nerfs as the sentiment is shared across regions to both russia and korea, I don’t know where you got the info that sorc has nothing op about her.

vs pala on my sorc i try to stay just out of melee range of my own team so they can peel for me by accident and i focus the pala.

just picked her up, but yea, seems to work fine so far.