I feel scammed as a founder's pack buyer

So we started with a delay of 1.5 hours on the first day because they put a small patch just before they oppened the servers for the people that bought the founder’s pack, i can handle this and is somehow “normal” when you launch such an event…

i took work vacation days and prepared for hardcore playing for these days and wanted to min-max my experience along with my friends in LA

But then on friday, Amazon surprise was the server maintenance on the peak hour, so i couldn’t even log in to the game until saturday, losing another day, which the response was " we will give you a 3 day crystaline aura" which i don’t care.

And finally today, when all the f2p are trying to enter the game and the server were i play, with 21k queues as a founder’s pack player is not even acceptable, i don’t care if you give me in game currency, crystaline aura or a freakin mount…i want YOU to fix this problem asap because you guys are having lots of revenues from people like us and you are just laughing in front of our faces by letting us have queues for 2+ hours for a service that i have paid versus some people who haven’t and that’s called SCAM simply as that.

Anyway, i still wait for you to fix all this mess and to provide us with a REAL compensation for all of the player base who supports the game and your revenue, or sooner than later you will then face the consequences of people leaving the game or even starting legal complaints.

PD: this is only for amazon and the server managers, of course the moderators and the rest of the staff is here to help us, so big thank you to everyone else that makes this game so awesome.

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Let’s see, buying the founder’s pack does not give any privilege, stop thinking that by paying you have the right to more than an F2P player.
Sincerely, a founder with the platinum pack and the gold pack.


Outrageous people blaming for being scammed due to cannot play a game after buy a DLC and an early access…
All of us are in the same situation. Being a founder doesn’t make you different, the game was always F2P

While I am having a go at AGS/SG for this whole debacle - I find your reasoning to be really weird and off-putting.

If you don’t want in game currency or compensation, what exactly do you want…? Jeff cleaning your bottom or take you for a ride on his yatch ?

while you’re correct - they immediately screwed up by unlocking the Early access realms that were identified as being already at capacity ( Kadan/zinner for example ).

Why would you do this when the realms could barely handle Early access ?.

The only real compensation you should feel obliged to claim is Crystalline Aura, as this is a paid and timed service to enhance your experience. Seeing as we have already been compensated with additional three days, I do not really see any thing else to be wanting compensation for.

I agree, they should extend peoples Crystalline Aura and then some as many didn’t get the “head start” they payed for . Game been very successful, and in high demand is of cause great, but shouldn’t impact the promised made.

it’s a matter of LIFE TIME lost what pisses me off… they put a product on sale that in the end is not what they told us, so yes basically a scamm and if you don’t see this and still defend a multinational company that doesn’t give a … about people or costumers.
It’s not a dlc, it’s time and effort and that’s the most valuable thing in life, get it now or still an AGS FANBOY?

Compensated what? 3 days of crystaline aura when 2 are gone already, plus my life time which is priceless…they should return part of our money back and compensate for future purchases/events at least, or people like me who wants to support the game will be just f2p players and let’s see how the game ends in the future…

I don’t know about your math here, but by mine you got one day for free. I get the whole “life time lost” argument, but still - then you should’nt play anything during a launch period. The only games that are successful in those periods are singleplayer games :lollipop:

The big problem for the people that have the pack is that we can’t use the cristallize aura days benefict bacause we can’t enter the game so we loose day of benefict for amazon problem se we espect that for all the day ps i can’t enter 8n the game and i make queue amazon automtically increase the day of cristallize aura…
For exanple i came back from work and i put the game in queue and i have 16k of queue…if the queue need 4 hours to enter i can’t play…the same for all the day of the week

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you are a lucky customer, i cant even access the server list …