I feel scammed by the Tropical Chamkuri colors

There really needs to be a preview option for these chests, im not happy with the Soda Chamkuri color, i expected more blue/teal based on the icon, but it’s more of a pastel turqoise. I wanted ocean colors based on the icon not Easter…


LOST ARK NEW MOUNTS! WHICH COLOR TO PICK? ALL TROPICAL CHAMKURI COLORS SHOWCASE - YouTube should look into before choosing no? sorry that u feel that way maybe try contact amazon and see if they can do anything about

i will definitely get the red one

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Maybe a game should have a preview option, this video was not up when i logged in 6 hours ago and got my mount, but thanks?


it has on other versions of the game , if u in doubt you could wait a bit , were u in despair to get a new mount? i had my celebration gift one for a week in my inventory until i decide.

Hey , i agree with you game need a preview system , is odd this version of the Lost Ark game feels under cooked by a mile , give them sometime maybe they will fix this kind of stuff.

I wasn’t in doubt though cause i expected the colors to match the icon colors. Just please don’t dismiss what is definitely an issue for anyone especially casual players that aren’t looking up vids to check and expected colors to at least match the damn icon


Ye i agree but like i said contact AGS and see if they can do anything about
I dont know if this is AGS fault or smilegate fault because amazon only publishes the game

Soda is my favorite. That being said, sorry you weren’t happy with it and there should be better previews in the game. I’ve not seen a single example of whoever is running things fixing something like this, unfortunately, so you’re probably stuck with it.

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Seeing as how they weren’t helping people with their Cerberus cause people accidentally clicked the wrong one i don’t see how they would.

A better preview would be nice.

But before choosing these a lot of other people do their research.
Like for lawmakers me and others have spent long time just to figure out what is in the boxes.

Fot this mount we had the answer yesterday too.

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I agree. I got ripped off on my Cerebus because I chose soda thinking it was an aqua/blue & it’s mostly white. We need a preview so we can make better choices.

Really? “Scammed”?

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Would it not be better to use the model viewer or generally search it on google or youtube to avoid the icons false preview? :x

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Here’s the thing, casuals aren’t going to do that. Also wtf so i shouldn’t expect in game stuff to look the same as the icon? I should just expect all things shouldn’t look how they are shown? Bypassing the issue doesn’t mean it’s not an issue

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I like the color of your Chamkuri.

I hate mine…

I like the red and is what I chose, but the green is just awful… lol

Your Chamkuri is beautiful.

Not going to lie, the red one looks really good and I’m sad I didn’t see the mount live before choosing. Oh well, it’s not like I’ll be using it that often anyways.

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It should have a preview option, BUT mine is also sitting in my storage because i was gonna google screen shots or wait to see other people on them in game

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