I feel scammed that I can't play with friends

I bought the founders pack today and looks like I was hours late to join my friends on Azena. Now I’m stuck alone and can’t even refund the founders pack. I don’t want to play anymore if I can’t play with my group.


Right, what a weird server system for an ARPG anyway. Why is this set up like an MMO? Absolute headache, we just want to play with our friends and family.


Yea agrees. There is no reason to do this. 3 dates ahead players can’t even tell their friends to play the game because they won’t be on the same servers. This game is boring without friends.

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Because… its an MMO…? With action combat? That’s it.


Thats because you were scammed. We all were.

Its a great scam too, because probably more than half of the people who bought the founders packs are playing solo and could care less.

Those of us who wanted our friends to join us tomorrow are SOL. Cant transfer, founders pack already used and non-refundable, and the worst part is that they gave less than an hour notice before locking the servers.

If they gave us 24, or even 12 hours notice we could have at least scrambled to get our friends on our server, but alas, no such gratuity.