I finally reached 1370

after three weeks from relesing Argos
was the journey good?
No it was very bad
at the start i was watching the p2p players getting over the deadzone and enjoying the content by spending more money and i hate this in any game don’t mistake me i don’t hate the p2p players i hate the system and on top of that seeing all the things that ASG&SG did to force players to pay so they can skip the deadzone made me frustrated more and more.
then after two weeks i was board from the abyssal dungeons they have nothing special it was the most boring content i have ever played i had more fun playing t2 abyssal dungeons to this day i enjoy playing alric sanctuary and in t1 i had more fun too
but this journey was the worst.
ASG&SG lost ark is a great game but our version is not and you need to fix it i hope you will find a solution for it before more people quit
WARNING: if you think you can reach 1370 in this week or any week don’t do the t3 dungeons on normal you won’t be able to do them on hard

Grats i just hit 1400 f2p today :slight_smile: argos is easier than your first time doing t2 abyssals, trust you didn’t miss much

Except tons and tons of gold.

yeah i know i didn’t miss anything but if they keep releasing content like that it will be long and annoying for both sides f2p and p2p

Next hurdle is 1415 provided they don’t change anything, which is smoother than hitting 1370.

Now you get to find out you weren’t really missing much.