I find myself AFK in town watching YouTube more than playing the game

Is anyone else like this?

I remember doing this in WoW right before I quit lol, I just can’t get myself to do anything else. AFKing in town and reading forums/watching YouTube seems more fun than playing the game at this point.


I do it when ive exhausted my dailies/weeklies and my honings have all failed, cause theres nothing else to do. xD


Yeah same, I mean I have one alt but it’s really just doing the same content I already did.

I wish there was more stuff to do outside of dailies/weeklies but even collecting all the map completions and islands seem like more chores.

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work on your account? how many collectables/skill points/RP stats do you have? there is alot to do in the game apart from pushing ilvl

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Yeah my post also meant just that.
I just lose my mood to play when i see all these fails stacked on one another xD

Tbh I don’t see a reason to atm.

I won’t ever be able to play the new raid cause T3 seems like a dream at this point, I fail honings so much and i’m just kinda burned out.

I tried going for card collections but even that’s RNG and the grinding quests and islands for Skill points/RP points just seems like another chore to add onto the list.

None of it seems “fresh” after the first week or two, idk.

It’s missing the MMO feel for me.

Omg this is relatable af haha, I fail honing twice and i’m just mentally checked out.


I undertand you want to help, but this post is just to cope :cry:

I started FunPosting on the forums instead of playing the game since I cant even buy the rewards from the event because they are locked to you item level. I cant earn mats because of all the silly short sighted decisions they have made. Thinking about starting a youtube click bait channel just to sht on the game, people love drama and the way youtube works any interacting is good interaction, positive negative, doesnt matter.

Collecting Island tokens,
farming silver,
progress the adventure tome,
getting new faster times in guardian raids,
farming infinite chaos dungeon,
pvp, pvp-islands,
min maxing gear,
playing alts (just discovered blade for myself as alt and its amazing),
collecting world tree leafes, leveling life skills, leveling stronghold or decorating it,
doing stuff with your guild together,
try to get new ships and leveling them, getting a decent card set, farming pirate coins, doing tower, collectin mokoko seeds,
other stuff wich I cant remember for now.

There is so much to do, even with no alts there is enough content to jump into.

You could spend real money, to fail your honings faster :joy:

As much as i love Lost Ark, im not that dumb to use real money for honing when the chances are already this pathetic. I use money for the true endgame, Fashion.


Nope. I dont have enough time daily to do all the dailies, weeklies with my main + alts.

I usually do tasks with 3 characters and I rotate with 2 alts to save some rested bonus.

But…yeah, if you play only 1 character and you’re in T3 your contents are limited to 2h-3h (daily island + wb + event included). If you dont know what to do…try to get collectibles, Island tokens, farm pirate coins on sailing coop events, try to gather all the mokokos…

You have enough stuff to do.

EDIT: Is better you start farming to get all the skill points because theres a lot time gated. Some omnium stars takes 20 days to get, Rapport takes days too (And probably an entire month on characters like Nineveh)

pretty much run all my dailies, which takes about an hour.

Then off to Elden Ring or War Hammer 3.


Same, i’m more and more time on forums and less and less time playing the game.

I stopped playing too

TLDR; people have lots of stuff to do they just dont want to do them and are bummed out about honing chances in T3. Maybe this game just isnt for you tbh, its only gonna get worse with honing.

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Same here just stopped for now. I refuse to do same things on my alts over end over again.This game looks nice but its mindless grinding with T1/T2 gatekeeping and they just release argos for whom? Whales… Noooo its not P2W. Sure you can archieve most of that F2P but after hundreds of hours.

Nothing we say is gonna change your mind.

Just by looking at your other threads it’s easy to tell you’re just a bored person that struggles thinking positively.

Happy witch hunting dawg.

Yeah, he should honestly look into another hobby than gaming. seems like it’s more stressful on him than relaxing.
I would suggest camping, but that’s just me

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this is where the “no care of having big… stuff” mindset i have helps me to enjoy game ^^’

I decided to stick 1340 and do argos when time will come, and continue to play hours, doing rerolls thing, visiting new islands (liked speaking with ezrebeth recently… and could i kill mari please ? :x )
Mokoko is not a thing i aim now… but i clearly already spend too much time in game so not even a problem.

But i understand that argos did cut motivation on people who wanted to always get on new content asap (even if it is not mandatory)
I would suggest or get another mindset (being more in enjoying the game than focusing top end part) or just… doing break, when games become work, it is never good and force yourself is just the best way to hate the game.