I find myself AFK in town watching YouTube more than playing the game

same… doing my weeklies atm and then time to go off to either watch twitch or youtube or play something different. no point to stay ingame afk increasing the “play time” on steam… that’s so pointless

Could be time to play another game.

Or plant a tree…like outside

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I would add a simple thing to my previous message : it is not even “i have nothing else aside LA as game”
TWW3 on one hand, and GW2 End Of Dragon on second where i promised a friend to go do it asap… but… so much to do in Lost Ark while waiting to get sumoner T_T (also doing a third reroll and probably last character before arcana and sumoner)

I am not all here are doing wrong, just a suggestion to get other mindset to enjoy game (be it lost ark, or the next overhyped MMORPG… or next overhyped game… look at silksong and begin to drool

And doing a break is rarely bad idea. if you don’t comeback after the break, probably you didn’t like so much the game.

And yet for some reason you are still here … nice to see how people are so dumb with their time doing something that they dont enjoy .

This game lacks social element, that’s it. If I want a chatroom I don’t need to play game.

I think it’s good to have multiple hobbies, actually, for different moods and needs.

Gaming can be relaxing (I find farm simulator relaxing for example), but generally pushing content and ilvl in MMOs is not relaxing for most people – it’s about drive and grind and efficiency, but not relaxation, and most will openly admit that.

I do this, too. Which is kind of odd, though, given that the game has been out around a month or so. I think it’s worth playing in a kind of low maintenance mode like this to wait and see what happens, but it’s pretty low engagement for an MMO that has been released here for only a month I think.

ha…ha… funny

I do that and am still 420. Casual gaming is far superior. Haven’t run into any of these issues. Still have plenty of content ahead of me.

Yes, I do this as well. I’ve been doing the storyline for yorn and rohendel while watching Netflix. It sucks that I have to do them again, but hey at least I’m enjoying the shows I’m watching while click “G”.

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tapping G while watching :joy: this is amazing.

stuck at 1335 and I quit … to boring … i stay on Twitch and watch others playing this game on Korea , that version is amazing , this one is blahhhhhh

You may wish to consider not playing so much. Anything will become lackluster if you don’t have some variety in life.

People are racing, but toward what? P2w, but what are the whales winning? It seems some people don’t think, they just latch onto buzz words. The Argos raid is barely worth doing except for the fun of it. You make more gold doing other things, and you can buy most things with gold. Don’t worry about FOMO or getting to tier 3 in the first five weeks.

If you want an actual solution, try finding a group of people with similar goals and join them. Try some of the challenging things for new players like Abyssal dungeons or harder guardian raids, but with a regular group. Learn the mechanics together and beat the encounter for a nice sense of accomplishment.

Or take a break, or quit, or find a new game or hobby. If you didn’t spend much money on the game, you probably got plenty of fun per dollar out of the experience. Games don’t have to be ten thousand hours of perfect fun. There is no harm in coming back in a year or something.

Also, realize that a lot of things in the state of the world right now might be giving you some level of depression. It’s worth thinking about that and possibly doing something about it. It might not be the game, it might be state of mind.

Just do something else entirely when you’re done, don’t waste your time like that. Says me as I post this dogshit instead of doing something useful Pog

nah its only u , which lvl are your lifeskills ? what about ur stronghold ? how about your adventure tome ? what abt mokokos ? how about alts ? „ nothing to do“ hahahahahah sure buddy

Hell yeah, i though about returning to the game in a year or so, there might be 12 new skins on the shop :stuck_out_tongue:

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mokokos: am i a joke to you?

You can get blocked on seed progress quite easily. The inter-connectivity of systems in this game is oppressive.