I found the parasite

Today i literally walked whole Arkesia just because to collect some Mokokos in the secret part. You have to kill all the bats and slimes in the dungeon. But i missed 1, just 1…

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Kill it with fire :smiley:

The little buggers hide. I know I did that dungeon, first run, & was very very careful. But not careful enough. Second run, I’d do a section, then patrol it up and down just to be safe.

I feel your pain, with one teeny bastard hiding.

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You would not believe it did not end with that video, there were 2 i missed, cuz they move faster than my mount … :smiley:

tried to do it yday, i checked every possible location and couldnt find anything. huuge waste of time :x ill get back to it eventually but holy sht its horrible xD

Its kinda waste of time but im addicted to mokokos :smiley:

I’ve got a completionist problem. :upside_down_face:

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Yes… We are mad.

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I went back to collect those mokoko seeds at a higher level so I could one shot all the bats and slimes, they kept running away and hiding when I was being attacked by bigger mobs and I kept losing track of them :’) in hindsight it was a really fun dungeon, and I love bats :bat: :bat: :bat:

Im nearing 700 mokokos so im also gathering them tbh, but specifically objectives like this are a turn off xD

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