I genuinely love this game

Farming collectible, grinding gear,play alt, reading side stories and raiding with my friends. We are a group of 4 homies playing without swiping for ilvl and we wait each one other for every legion raid first try. As a player, i tend to dodge every “pay to win” game but LOA feels like Warframe and i like Warframe (not a game i play the whole year, but you know, that kind of game you play when you are on vacation and you only want to do video game). So let’s go over my pros and cons.

Biggest YAY for LOA is how much work is put by the devs at Smilegate, especially on environnement, staging of scenes, animations and fights mechanics. Making a MMO game in top down view that is visually impressive is amazing.
The gameplay is good, a bit frustrating when you start to play hard encounter but getting better at it feels good. i main Igniter Sorc and having small animation cancel combo feels good (unlocking double doomsday was satisfying as hell too.) Arcana is funnier but way harder too, floor pov gang for sure.
PvP looks a lot like a fighting game in my opinion, 3V3 has this For Honor feeling where everyone is stabbing everyone in the back but 1V1 looks like a Tekken match from above. Super Armor move, juggle combo, spacing and whiff punish. Either incredibly fun if you wombo combo someone or awfully frustrating when you get destroyed. Not the funniest thing to get the hang of as most of fighting game out here.
Beside that, roster wide progression system is lit and the amount of content to be released is insane. Like way more than most other mmo right now. I hope devs are not overworked.

Biggest NAY for LOA is NPC rapport system/island, forcing me to get on the game everyday (when everything else has rest system). Pheons, i think i understand the importance of it (avoiding market swap) but you arent allowed to make mistakes with pheons. And i made mistakes, like buying a lot of skins.
Accessibility for new player is a fuss too. Playing through the entire story + T1-T2 is a lot even with global honing buff. Many of my friends just went off after Tortoyk.
I’d also like Amazon and Smilegate to be more talkative to us (EU/NA) (Gg Roxx btw, you handled so much by yourself).
Aaaaand bots, lets roll double factor authentification or anything i dont know but i’m tired of it.

  • Merging server is mandatory but its coming i guess.

Contentious point are : The art style, very generic. Some character are very cool (Brel/Kakul), Valtan is a bit tasteless and i hate Vykus. She is CLEARLY not chara design peak. When i watch Zeal or Saint on KR servers, cosmetics seems to come from fashion magazine, i like that but not everyone wants to look like a asian ready-to-wear mannequin.
The story is ??? We call that a navet in french, like a really goofy movie where you ask yourself “why am i watching this ? This is so stupid.” And you keep watching it until you understand that it is meant to be goofy.
Also French traduction is okay and we have very famous voice for the dubbing. Thumbs down for most of the in game titles, it does not work with our language.
The way LOA is making money has good and bad facet. I am very patient and not in a rush so i’m not really bothered by the honing mechanic however i understand people that get frustrated. I also understand people that work and swipe to keep up with the content release. On the other hand, i do not understand +25 mastercard rage honing.

For me LOA is a monthly paid mmo with a cosmetic cash shop, this is the boundaries that i set to my wallet. I played at the launch for two month like 5 hours a day, stopped around Argos (i was just doing abyssal dungeon when i felt like it) until Arcana release. I’m sitting at 1445 ilvl right now, 20+ weapon with insane luck but all the rest of my stuff is hardstuck +16. There’s two month to get to 1475 and i will not be able to play as much as i’m doing right now. So this will be the ordeal by fire, can i catch up people before Kakul release while having a life ? We’ll see.

I just wanted to make a positive post. Not everyone is hating the game right now. There’s a lot of issues that needs to be adressed and i hope Smilegate will keep improving things as well as listening to the community. Lost Ark has a lot of potential and devs seems to frankly love their game so i’m in as long as i can play in my own way.


Great positive read. :grinning:

A little tip for this is, you can use the rapport items to do this. You don’t need to spend a single real life currency. There are numerous sites that shows the wandering merchant time and location. Just buy the epic/legendary rapport items with silver whenever they’re up while you’re playing. You can also use those heart-shaped tokens(forgot its name) to buy the rapport chest box in the major cities. I hope this helps.

this is the site where users submit their finding where the wandering merchant is. I highly recommend using this. You can get legendary rapport items from them and gift them to the npc to bomb their reps. Also cards is a necessary thing for certain good card sets.


No idea what that site is but lol

woops mistype a s

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Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

I too have loved the game since launch and have had no issues with it. Sure things can be better, but its a free game. There’s nothing you can’t do as a F2P player and that’s what’s so awesome about this game design.

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Rapport system is a silver sink if you wish to cap asap.

Appreciate the post, too much negative on the forums, this game is amazing and definitely a game i can see myself playing for a time.

Biggest gripe would be the pvp element of this game, would love to see the expertise and domination stats get a major overhaul and turn the unfun pvp elements in this game playable.

Finding guild/community to play with is a struggle, but once you find the right group of people its priceless, always look forward to the weekend to legion raid content is a great feeling.

Feel our release had players grinding alot to keep up, this month of downtime is so much appreciated to filling out the roster and not just pushing a couple mains.

Ty ags/sg

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finding the right friendly guild/community that has static groups to play with will help with your positive gameplay experience a lot more. Those community will help you learn and teach you the game. I play with a community that actually never gets mad if u make mistakes and actually solve the root of the problems you may have on ur runs. They will generally help you fix the mistakes you make.

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