I give up on this damn game

well apparently ags is deleting posts now.
pvp was the only left content that was a bit of fun for me, but now i give up
i opened a thread exposing hacks and the game is done for, because it lacks real and permanent punishement… i bet they can find the cheaters through mac and real ip and through reports but they are being stingy of actually pay attention to it.
there are a lot of people not only rmt-ing, botting now
exposed hacks are running rampant on pvp
the current hacks on pvp:

speedhack ( most used )
increased fov ( growing in users )
shorter stand up cooldown ( saw commonly being used with speedhack )

normally fighters are the ones using this, but you are going to find sorcerers and arcanas too with arcanas less frequent
those noobs using hacks just for a few wins, should be ashamed and apparently ags/sg does not give a damn about punishing the cheaters or giving real balance for pvp.
since amazon did delete previous post about this matter, im opening a new post !

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the game is already dying slowly and it would be bad for the game if they did this considering that we are already at the point where no new player comes into the game by permanently banning cheaters without giving them a chance. it’s better to leave. forums are not as lively as they used to be. because there are no players left.

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Posts on cheaters are usually deleted because they have a policy of removing any information that could inspire or teach others to use those cheats themselves. That said, they do not appear to have a policy on actually going after any of these cheaters, including wintraders and boosters, or they have a lot of bans to catch up on.

Sadly, those who opt to cheat are sad individuals without shame, I am not sure there is anything that can be done to teach them the error of their ways.


Invest on a proper anti cheat AND put hasher punishments for people cheating.
my Lord.
I got in a game where there were 3 speedhackers 2 in the enemie and one in my team.
WTF is AGS/SG looking at?
they dont check reports, they dont check their damn anti cheat for improvements whatsoever.
I literraly just uninstalled the game because of the increase in speedhackers.
and the fact that there are no hash punishments is why people even waste their useless money into something to give them advantages in a fkn game because they suck big time real life.

Investing in a better Anti cheat is pretty expensive and AGS won’t do that cause it’s a greedy company

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and that is why I am dropping this game.
not even pvp I can enjoy anymore.
been fighting a lot of speedhackers recently as of now I uninstalled.
will check again in a year or so or never come back either, since AGS/SG does give a dime about it.

nobody likes pvp in this game except 1% of the playerbase
So well good bye i guess