I give up, this game is becoming a punishment

Sorry but the nerfing AGS did to gold and material drops compared to South Korea is too much.

AGS is surprised that so few players reach ilvl 1370 but what happened is that the imposed nerfs are too much, the current event to increase honing materials available forgets that we also need gold to honing at high levels and gold is not easy to get by due to the nerfs.

Bye to all and good luck.

P.S. - I think is really sad AGS nerf to Chaos Dungeons drops. The Gold and Purple secret rooms provide much less gold now that 2 or 3 weeks ago…


That’s the spirit. If you do something in your free time for fun and you’re not having fun then you should stop doing it and find something else that is actually entertaining.

Good luck in your search and may it be fruitful.


Go farm collectibles and sell it? I made 1800 gold this way in 3 hrs. You can’t expect to have everything by doing nothing.

either gold or materials are inflated, cant have both.
BUT they could reduce the gold cost of honing to 1370 with 1 button click and they just wont do it. Intentionally.

ThEy neEd moRE daTA!

Now… when it comes to spending real money on the game: I NEed mORe dATa tO SPenD.