I got a noobie probrem

I deleted 164 % potions not knowing i cannot put them in the history ( and missclicking out of the number) inside the dungeon ;(

Hello @aleflecar

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I hope you are very well.

I am sorry for this situation that has happened to you with your potions, in this case I recommend that you contact technical support so that they can carry out the investigation on your account, and they can solve this inconvenience for you, if it is very important that at the time you contact them , have this information at hand that I am going to attach here:

-Character’s name:
-Server name / world:

  • Approximately time when the problem occurred:

-The Logs and DXDIAG that I explain below how to obtain them.

1.How to run the “Dxdiag” file

Windows + R
Write “Dxdiag”
Generate and save report

2.Instructions to find game logs LOGS:

Press Windows+R on the keyboard, type %appdata% and press enter.
Open the latest file in this folder: /appdata/local/ags/logBackups.
Paste the content of the file into your message.

3.Send any photos or short videos showing the error or problem in the game.

Here I attach the link where you can contact Technical Support: :desktop_computer:

I hope this helps you, feel free to tag me if you need anything else.

See you in Aeternum! :crossed_swords: