I Got baited by buying PowerPass

Yesterday, before getting into one of the characters, i saw that the PowerPass is available to purchase, so i went on and bought 4400 RCs, just to get informed that i cannot buy any after seeing that small alert message in game. :slight_smile: What to do now ?

buy gold with it :3

not worth it, i dont want gold, i enjoy farming each week and grinding little by little, i want to get my 4th* charc to 1370, and here i am blocked

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with the event + mats from ship - you can pretty much get your alt from 302 (from the knowledge transfer) to 1302 for like 1 week, without spending gold. and from 1302 to 1370 is 1 more week if you send mats from your main to your alt.

I mean - totally not worth buying power pass for 4400 RCs

Can you explain it a bit more please? Im not that experienced tho, still learning. I know about knowledge transfer, but the fact that i need to re do most of the quests, thats the boring part.

ye well, knowledge transfer is worth only from lvl 1 to lvl 50 as it will also give you full 302 ilvl. After this the knowledge transfer gets more expensive and just skips the story without boosting ilvl. so not worth it.

So Yes - you will have to do the main story quests for Rohendel, Yorn, Feiton, Punika (and south Vern if you want to push past 1415, if not than not needed). It is little boring redoing the quests, but as you follow just the main quest line without secondary quests - its pretty fast (2 hours per continent i would say)

Try reading all the words next time. You jebaited yourself.

Get blue crystals and attack maris shop then lol

why you so mad? lmao

aight sure, just cause i do not have that much free time to re do everything sometimes, and i rarely play sometimes too, but i will take your advice, thank you

Natural selection

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You only need to do Yorn and Punika after you Vern KT. It isn’t that bad if you are able to for example listen to audiobook or podcast while doing those and they don’t exactly require much brainpower. Or just pay with gold, it will be cheaper to buy those additional KT than to buy punika powerpass.
You can also buy mats with that gold and I’m pretty sure that it still will be cheaper than buying powerpass, tho it will take more time to do as you need to hone manually.

Last week I did 1-1350 and I haven’t bough any mats from the market, just used things from event, chests, anguished isle (extra leaps) and tower. But I did save chests with this in mind.

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You must first pass with a few alts, a few places, yes, it’s boring, this is the breaking point, get over it, everything will become easier

also if your resources are thin do towers

And this is a guide for story skip

That’s what happens when you don’t read lol

just stfu and level like a man
I did it, since it was clear that solving the issue will take some time.

So I leveled my 17th toon - and while you keep complaining - I am running Valtan hard with it…

Sorry about this! Paid power passes, as you now know, haven’t yet been re-enabled. You can reach out to customer support, or hold tight to those Royal Crystals for when they do make a comeback. I don’t have a date I can confirm quite yet for that but hope to be able to soon.

But skins and sell it in the market profit

I’d recommend adding the Powerpass notification to the Roster Screen to avoid confusion. Especially since you re-added the Powerpass images and such after this week’s update.

How does one level like a man?
What if OP is not a man?

Powerpasses have been disabled for about 3 weeks. If your character is already doing Valtan hard you either stockpiled beforehand or swiped like a mad man.

If you’re swiping to gear up, why not gear up like a man?