I Got Ban For No Reason !?

So i just finished my chaos legion and find some random party who also get the blue secret maps from the boss drop
we cleared all the four secret dungeon and im very lucky to get legendary master tenacity engraving book.and i sell it to market of course (im a paladin, i dont need it)
and then the sold message arrive to my mail, im very excited i want to screenshoot and show it to my friends
and suddenly, I GOT BANNED ?
im not a cheater, i dont use bot, im not gold seller (just look at my gold, i dont have ton of gold)
my equip score now is around 1341 and i get it all by my effort, took a lot of my time
i already sent ban appeal to the amazon customer service but i dont believe they will read it
please guys, is there anyone know how to solve my problem ?

this isnt the place, send a ticket to AGS

Did you buy your Key from a third party?

It looks like if you bought from a third party, that party did refund the product and made you look like the bad guy.
Make sure to explain this in your ticket.

This is the Place to appeal for a ban.

I already did

I already sent them my appeal

Hello adventures!

Here’s a latest respond from our CM:

I hope this information granted has been provided you gives a great and helpful insight.

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There have been multiple posts about these bans which have nothing to do with the latest response from the CM.
Maybe you could ask the CM to look into this specific issue as there are quite alot posted here on the forums.