I got booted out during abyssal dungeon run and no ticket was given out upon logging back in

I logged a ticket to the support and they basically told me to wait 24-48 hours and the Devs will handle this situation.

48 hours have passed i have yet to receive the ticket on that character and i chatted with the support again. I was told “the system is automatic and if it doesnt give you a re-run we arent able to assist further”. Like wtf? did anyone else crash during their raids and abyssal run? Have you guys gotten back your entry ticket?

I’m frustrated because i need that one piece of legendary gear to upgrade and my plan happened to be fked by the server.

I would have been less frustrated if they straight up told me the process is done through “automatic system” instead of devs first time.

Live support is useless just so you know if u were to log a ticket for your in-game troubles.

Felipe [22:02:47] : Communication is limited between the devs and costumer service, so we just have the basic details of the updates and new systems

Felipe [21:41:53] : Yes but sadly it seems that you were not illegible for a new ticket, really sorry for the inconvenience