I got dc in last t4 dungeon and did not get rewards or reset ticket

Hello, I was in Alaric Sanctuary dungeon yesterday and we were come last boss. After few try once we close to kill him I got dc by no reason and I got upset, then I closed game. Today when I login, I see my entry count didn’t reset. I got no reset ticket or dungeon rewards btw. Please, any admin can help me here?

If they killed after you dc you don’t get a ticket for reset thats how it works.

But from my another alt char I was have same issue they gave me reset ticket by mail, Idk why this time they didn’t send. I really need this rewards for my alt char.

That means they didn’t manage to kill the last boss and get the reward as far as i know

Idk if they killed or not. I was join by matchmaking system as a solo. I just want to get reset ticket for get my rewards until thursday.