I got kicked after 30 min AFK? WTH?

I had never been kicked before, just the warning

I woke up this morning, servers were down again for maintenance, got in game, played like 1H, and now I have a 16K players queue?? Come on, wtf

I don’t even know why I got kicked so fast, no idle warning or anything. Unbelievable.

Game is already very frustrating because of the harmony shards gate(how could they not see this coming?) and now I have to wait like 8 hours. This is terrible.

I also can’t play my main side game while waiting because Lost ark uses EAC

Good. You should get kicked after 30 minutes AFK, there are people waiting to play the game.

People who afk to bypass the queue only make the queue worse.


Well, good. If you can’t play for 30 minutes you shouldn’t be taking up slots that others could use. With this queue as it is they should make it 5 mins or something so people actually have a chance.

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Oh really? You call eating lunch ‘bypassing queue’

Okay boss, so I’m supposed to log out for my 30 min lunch, and then log in again to wait 8 hours? Just because I’m human and had lunch?

You can put it in setting that it dosent go afk mode before 1 hr has past.

Others should have to wait longer because you have to do something else?


I did. First thing I did day one, I put it on 60 min. Thats why I don’t get it

Eat lunch at the pc like the rest of us degenerates.


someone was AFK :slight_smile:

poof you just made room for someone that wanted to play :slight_smile:

when you play Lost Ark you have no time to eat, drink, shower or even toilet, this was written in the conduct of contract of the game, you have to read the fine print :slight_smile:

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they are salty because que,
everyone are getting kicked after 20-30 min afk

For 30 min? Yes, totally. What youre saying makes no sense.

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than game might have crashed on you happened to me yesterday :confused:

Nope, that’s not how it works. The menu setting only moves the message by 60 minutes. The AFK timer obviously won’t change.

That’s exactly why OP didn’t get any message but got kicked nonetheless.

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I dont think so because I saw the idle timer much before 1H usually.

This. The setting only changes the time it takes for the “Away from keyboard” tag to appear overhead.

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Than what’s the 60 minutes for? If it can’t even be reached because of auto kick after 30 minutes of inanctivity, I can never reach this 60 minutes :confused:

I mean, sorry OP, but a 30 minute AFK timer is a very average thing. How is it surprising? Every online game has a very similar AFK timer. Yeah, it sucks that you are back in queue. You can eat lunch at the computer, or you can go back to the computer in the middle of your launch and move your character around real quick.

I could just as well say “oh no, I’m a human being, I need sleep! Why does the game kick me during my 8 hour sleep, I’m now back in queue?!”

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well i started loging in to Zinnervale server and been waiting close to 3 hrs and que moves slow as fk when i logged in que was 5400 and i am down to 3000 atm, i guess falling back to other game wile waiting for que to move, another 2 hrs atleast before abble to get in.
what can you do, this is New World release all over, i blame it that amazon got bad Matematicians working for them since, they misscalculated the popularity of this game ^^

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Because youre talking 8 hours; I’m talking 30 min.