I got penalty from PVP because of low damage/battlefield score?

I am new to lost ark and I love PVP, but I have been given penalty for 4 times, and it happened every time after I was done with a game.

I saw that I have a low battlefield score, but how do you want player to improve if you keep punishing them like that?

Now my ban is 2 hours which is so unacceptable!


We are sorry that you are experiencing this problem of banning in PvP.

We are forwarding your message to the appropriate section and language so that it can be processed by our team.

When do I expect to see some changes? Now I need to wait 2 hours to practice another PVP (and this was just normal matches!), and I am pretty sure I will be punished again because of the battlefield score. I just don’t understand how do you want players to make progress like this?

I got punished again as I predicted after waiting for 2 hours, so what’s now?

Bro you did 32k damage in one match thats like 2 or 3 spell for the whole match you deserve the penalty go watch a guide