I Got the Feiton pass on wrong server

Hello guys, so, i had a character on Trixion server, then i moved to Zinnervale server and when Amazon gaved the Feiton pass i got it on Trixion server instead of zinnervale server, i already sended a ticket, im 16 days waiting for any answer and i dont get any, the pass is almost expiring and i still dont know if is possivel to transfer for the zinnervale server since i didnt choose to get the Feiton pass on Trixion server so is not my fault

Any advice? im tired of waiting for an answer

They cannot transfer characters or tickets/passes/ect from one roster to a roster on another server. You are basically out of luck there unfortunately.

For reference:

Yeah like, but it was not my fault that the feiton pass went to the wrong server lol, I will lost a pass just for teams fault? That’s stupid

I understand the frustration. Its not that the team doesn’t want to help you its just that the systems needed for them to transfer that stuff between servers have never been developed so they literally are not able to.

They just recently got the ability to transfer characters over in the KR version but that is extremely limited and will probably require a lot more work before it is ready to come over to our version.

But I’m not talking about transfer characters, is talking about remove the pass from one server and gave it on another… Is not that hard

i would like to get and answer from a team member…

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@Bluecogs is right, as I mentioned on that post, unhappily, I’m afraid to tell you thus far we do not account with a system to transfers items, characters and stuff between severs.

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So, for an error that was not mine I lory a feiton pass lol. Seems right, nice multi dollar company…

If I start a new steam acc, will a get the feiton pass?