I guess game is actually dying since forum is being shut down

Sad time boys :frowning:


Just wait till we reach 50K players or below maybe then ags will agree to make the game fun.


it is not, forums was not a good way for feedback and harder to moderate but now discord that is much better.

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that makes no sense whatsoever


saving every penny :joy: what a nice deadgame speedrun by ags

Gota build those rockets, old Jeff isn’t gonna beat Elon Musk as this rate spending money on some silly forums.

Imagine releasing a road map that is supposed to give people hope then it become their death sentence when aero waiters going ape dick on them.

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yup discord better easy to maintain no need to pay the server… just download install make a server and invite… zero money needed :rofl:

yes if you also ran a business you would opt for the best for your business , most the people that are mad were the ones that lived in the forums and dont even play the game

so indeed fxxxing True!! :joy:

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I mean, forum is useless if people are telling them about problems and they dont do anything about it. Also AGS is going bankrupt. Cutting costs and employees and this wont be the end of it.

Put an F please

Wait so there’s gonna be no more lost ark forum?

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