I hate how people act

I really hate and feel ashamed, how people treat the AGS team.

I really don’t understand, why there is so much hate. This game is FREE TO PLAY.
It works amazingly well for past 6-7 months, the gameplay is almost flawless, we have plenty of content in game, there is so much stuff to do.

But once there is some down time, you people act like its end of the world.

I wish amazon/smilegate employees don’t take those hate comments and posts to the hearth.

I’m really happy for all the work done, and that we even have Lost Ark in our regions.
I’m glad, they do fix issues, instead putting the game online with broken stuff.

So please PEOPLE! Stop acting like small kids who don’t get lollypop from parents, just do something else. Even if the game is offline for 2-3 days, I don’t mind. Take your time fixing it, and just do what you are doing.

Thanks Amazon Game Studio, for a good work you are doin. I know its not easy task to work under such pressure. But trust me, there are players, who respect your work and understand that fixes take time.


It might be free to play. But without us that pay the game would not exist. So why are we not allowed to voice our concerns and complaints? We are customers with a rightful reason to do so.

With your logic, none of us should pay and then we should not complain at all. Thereby, by your theory, we should let the game to dry off?

No profitability = no game.

You “F2p” players keep crying about us being pay 2 win, but without us you would have no game, no new skins, no new updates, no nothing.


I honestly have no clue which server you are playing on but this game definitely is not running well for the past 6-7 months, it was unplayable for 2 weeks straight on release, constant maitenances that take x2 or x3 times the amount of time, and oh boi, dont get me started with the server I am playing on (asta), constantly lagging and disconnecting, long queue times, long loading times for 2 or 3 weeks straight.
obviously AGS/SG shouldnt get any hate, but people are upset…
and since you dont mind, can you compensate me for the gold I lost today? 4-5k should be enough, ty


I am not surprised about peoples reactions. Monetization of this game, different psychological tricks based on loot box system. What do you think how would people react if you would come to casino and turn every slot machine off?

Bro I spend 100 euro each month on Lost Ark…

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AGS employee detected.


I wish :frowning:

Personally I’m not mad about the issue. I’m mad at the time windows they gave us. None of it was accurate and they had us coming back all the time so we plan our day.

While the game is “F2P” it wouldn’t be if people were not paying for it.

The problem is that virtually all patches have come with delays, granted most have been minor, this is a patch with nothing ‘new’ and a bunch of QOL updates a good portion of the player base doesn’t care about.

By all accounts they are releasing an existing game in stipends to a new market, so in reality, it should be relatively smooth as it is already built.

A lot of people have static content they run which requires coordination and planning that is now moot given most of the day, and a lot of prime gaming for the EU market is gone.

There has been poor communication from the silence this morning to posts/reposts/edits/ and deleted information.

Absolutely, it is a game, but people put significant time into this like any other hobby. AGS publishes expected down times prior to patches and with no new content and QOL updates combined with extensive downtime and lack of communication people are irritated.

Lastly, a lot of people play this game every day and accomplish quite a bit depending on the day, especially reset, so people are upset with the entire situation. Even if maintenance doesn’t extend, a lot of EU players probably won’t have time to complete dailies, at least not on multiple characters. Other people have raids scheduled and have to find 7 other people or PUG it which can take significantly longer.

There is a lot of trolling and other stuff on the forums today, but there is also a lot of legitimate anger regarding how this is handled every extended maintenance/update which is pretty much every update that has any substance.


Its 21:08, and 20:08 server time…

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It’s 11pm CEST - means 2 more hours.
You mad yet? Or need few more hours of downtime?

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Another post complaining about people complaining? ROFLMAO


Stop making posts saying how much you hate everyone


Ye you are right about the last one I miscalculated after so many changes. But the previous ones were delayed. I ll edit

No u x 9002.

Always keep in mind that the people who are loud are in the minority.

It’s always like that. People either speak when they are very happy or very unsatisfied.
The people who are well balanced human beings find other activities to do that also make them happy… And simply wait for the game to be up again.




I would agree but currently it does not seem to be the case…

Your not fooling anyone Jeff Bezos.