I have a BIG doubt about this, seriously

since i read about false flags, and etc…
like this > (For Anybody who thinks false bans/flags dont happen - here you go - #273 by Bluecogs)

i have a level 10 gem on AH, i will have problems like this? im not sure about it… its a level 10 gem, aroud 600k-720k gold.
if i lost my gold and get flagged i will quit, really.

i mean, if they remove my gold…because the flag warm

if you don’t cheat you’ll be fine

literally dozens of those gems being bought and sold weekly.

people love to spread fear and mask the fact they likely cheated in some way so don’t believe everything you hear.

You will probably be fine. Though taking screenshots of your item and sale history are prudent as a precaution at the moment. @Shadow_Fox said she would bring this up at their weekly meeting to make sure people are not being flagged like this.

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