I have a chessy question about something!

Hello everyone,

I know about merge servers tmw, but I’m asking what If I have another char on B server that will be merged with A server that has items in it.

and meanwhile I don’t have slots on A server to get that char in it.

I’d still be able to get this char on B server back whenever I have an extra slots?

also im going to get the items ?

I’ll be honest with you, I just bought "Level complete Pack (Lv.50) on B server meanwhile my char is still at lv 10. which I still can’t use it. " all of them "
And I already bought it on A server before.

So I want to know if I will get the Pack on my main account when both server merged or not! and it will be usable or not! and if not I can refund it and get 1100 RC back?

Please answer this and if I misunderstand something explain to me.

Please I need an answer if possible @Roxx

Characters over the cap limit will go into Universal Character storage so you can swap them out. There’s more on that here: Server Merge Details - News | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG

You’ll keep your packs that you already purchased as well; specific details on how different types of items are merged are also in the above link, but you’ll be all good here :slight_smile:

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okay I’ve read the post already, But I didnt find if i’ll be able to use the pack cuz I have already used it before on my first server “A” and I only have it on “B” server and not used already.
I’d still be able to use right ?