I have a few questions about restoring my character

What exactly gets restored on a character? And whats the latest you can restore a character, for example lets say i destroyed my gunslinger 3 months ago. Is it still possible?

Hello @Obedisart

I hope you are doing well.

Thanks for your query about character restoration. All the items and the character progress (Quests, Level, Item Level) are restored once the character restoration is complete.

As for the other query, I request you to provide the character and server names for the deleted Gunslinger character so that I can check if it can be recovered.

I also request you to log out of the game for the time being.

Looking forward to your response. :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you give me a list of my options? if possible.

Name Kimiaki
Server Una


Thanks for the response @Obedisart

Could you please elaborate your query about the options ?

Do you mean a list of deleted players from your account ?

Yes! A list of the deleted characters

Looking to get my sharpshooter that i deleted restored

can’t rememberr the character name but my main character is stormcall a sorceres on NA east galatur

Thanks for the confirmation @Obedisart

Please find the details of all the deleted players on or above Level 50 from your Lost Ark account.

  1. Artishere (Gunslinger) - Level 50, Item Level 302
  2. Artinhere (Destroyer) - Level 50, Item Level 311
  3. Westisleft (Deathblade) - Level 50, Item Level 440
  4. Uwuart (Shadowhunter) - Level 50, Item Level 403.33
  5. Arizonate (Wardancer) - Level 50, Item Level 520
  6. Nârnia (Gunslinger) - Level 50, Item Level 380
  7. Applearia (Bard) - Level 50, Item Level 302
  8. Controlalt (Glaivier) - Level 50, Item Level 302
  9. Rhäenyra (Soulfist) - Level 50, Item Level 906.67
  10. Ariaski (Wardancer) - Level 50, Item Level 473.33
  11. Ariasy (Soulfist) - Level 51, Item Level 1370
  12. Llenadeamor (Striker) - Level 50, Item Level 500
  13. Magecopium (Arcana) - Level 51, Item Level 1370
  14. Heyfriend (Gunslinger) - Level 54, Item Level 1415

I would like to inform you that we can assist you with 3 character restorations for your Lost Ark account within a span of 365 days as a Courtesy starting from the date of the first restoration.

I request you to confirm the name of the character/characters that you want to restore and reply to this forum post once you have the empty character slots available so that I can proceed with the restoration.

I will be monitoring this thread. Have a good one. :innocent:

Hello @cruelsafix

I hope you are doing great.

Thanks for the character restoration request However, as informed by my colleague MrLee in your previous character restoration request, We won’t be able to assist you with another character restoration until the 365 days cooldown period is over from the date of first character restoration for your Lost Ark account. Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.

See you in Arkesia. :magic_wand:

and when is the next time I can restore a character?

Hi @cruelsafix!

There is a 365 days cooldown for the character restoration that starts the day you restore your last character. In your case the last character restoration was on 2023-01-07 which means that you will be able to ask for a restoration until 2024-01-07 around 5:00 p.m.

If there is any other question just let us know and hope this info clarify your doubt,



hey are you still available? I have a open slot now

Hello again @Obedisart

I hope you are having a great day.

Please confirm the name and class of the character that you want to restore and log out of the game for the time being.

Looking forward to your response. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello and likewise!

The name is “Heyfriend” and its a gunslinger :slight_smile: Logging off now

Thanks for the quick response @Obedisart

The Gunslinger character named “Heyfriend” has been successfully restored. Please go ahead and check if it’s there in the game.

See you in Arkesia. :magic_wand:

It worked, thank you!

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