I have an issue with Punika Pass

Hello there, last week the staff provided us a Punika pass to power up our new alts right? Well the issue in my case is: I used the item from the mail of the pass and the item consumed obviously, so i went back to the char screen and I realize that I don’t have enough space to create new char so yesterday i delete one of my char and today I create the new pj and all looks great right? but my surprise is I can’t redeemed the pass cuz there is none on my account, so i went back to the server selection and there says clearly that I have the Punika power pass, so anyone can help me with this problem with? in fact i suffered burn out and left the game but a friend told me about the new class and here i am again but now with this problem!

Hey there @gilkgt, Welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

Sorry to know you’re having issues with the powerpass. They are disabled as the team investigates an issue related with them.

Here’s an official announcement for more details:

Once this is solved, they’ll be available for you to use. :wink:

If I can help with anything else let me know, stay safe!

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Oh thanks, sorry for the misunderstanding , i am very glad that i came from the burn out thing and thanks to you to give me the relief that is nothing wrong on my account, should i close this topic?

I’m glad I was able to help you with your concern.

And if you want, you can flag the previous comment as the solution and close the topic. That way people coming across the same situation will see the reason why they can’t use their powerpasses.

If you need assistance in the future, you can open a new topic, we’ll be more than happy to help you out. Stay safe! :wink:

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