I have an item with Alt character and I want to transfer it to my main character

Good afternoon
My name is Marcio Gabriel I’ve been playing Lost Ark for over 280 hours my main character is Jujusensação , I have two more characters at level 50 my alt DocinhoCremoso and Ibiapina , I was doing daily with DocinhoCremoso and when I finished they decided to get some materials with the NPC Rapport giving them some gifts dancing and playing music, I went to an NPC named Bellita who had an item that my main character JujuSensação needs to complete a quest on Ice Maze Isle the island of the labyrinth. What happened was that DocinhoCremoso took the item with Bellita named Humpback Whale Oil and it is in your bag and this item cannot be sent to Jujusensação because it is she who has the mission that needs this item Humpback Whale Oil, which is why I ask for kindness that removes the item from my Alt Sweetsweet and puts it on the beg of my main character Jujusensação because I like to do everything in the game and I don’t like to leave the mission behind when my Alt Sweetsweet got the item with Bellita I had no idea I couldn’t send it to JujuSensação, Please help me Jujusensação is very sad after all this happened she lost her spirits this stop in North Vern town at the castle Vern very sad doesn’t want to do anything else all because of an item if he could get another item Humpback Whale Oil but it doesn’t have this one, it was just Bellita, please help Jujusensação is very sad make her happy again to play again. Thank you GM if you help I will be very grateful.

Hello. @nabucodonosorcavera

If I understood correctly, you were doing a quest and another character got the quest item needed to complete it.

If this is the case, I’d recommend you to contact us via chat so our colleagues can have a look at this and escalate it if needed.

Yes I contacted chat Mr Rahul he gave me a case ID and a ticket ID and the development team will look into this matter

I’m glad this is looked into, as it’s quite a particular situation.

Keep me posted on this one! :smiley:

I’m hoping that everything works out because I like to do all the missions and I wouldn’t like to lose this mission because of an oil and since I have it in the bag, I just took it with another character with alt thinking it would be all right.
you can let me let you know if everything goes well would be wonderful.

I would love to have your help too if possible. along with the development team when they hear your name Santoryu will be analyzed and resolved at the snap of a finger. (like a magic pass)

I’ll see if there’re other options around anyways. If I find out about other ways to get the item within the game I’ll share them with you here. :slight_smile:

If there’s another item like this in the game, I’ll go back and get it, but I only know about this one that was with Bellita

Exactly the same thing happened to me

I had a chat with Amazon support and they told me: You can try to find the Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel on Sushire, he’ll sell you another Humpback Whale Oil

Thank you! I’ll try to find it but I think it’s very unlikely

Hi nabuco,

Why do you think that’s unlikely?

I just parked at Shushire and there’s a boat Spearfish… and I’ve got oil :wink:

I’ll check it out now, thanks

you can imagine how HAPPY I am thank you friend the boat appears and disappears fast but I saw it and managed to buy the item THANK YOU so much Jujusensação thank you very much.

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