I have been banned for no reason

  1. HI! I am not a casual player of LA and I have been banned for no reason. The last time I played LA was in march 2022 as you could see in this photo and I want to know what can I do with this ban and how I can take it off because I didn’t do anything because I don’t play LA. I want to know if you could do anything with the VAC in steam too because it is a staint in my profile and I don’t want it. I also psot a photo of the day that I been banned. Thank you

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Hi @leonardosaracho24.

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I’m sorry you’re experiencing this issue with your account, currently not us on the Forum and not on the email team can review or see any information related to a Ban Appeal, this is reviewed by an specialized team through the ban appeal form, we don’t have any automated process related to bans.

If you feel like the information is wrong, you can submit the ticket.

Please include everything you have about this situation! screenshots, links, etc this is gonna help a lot referred to the investigation to the ban appeal.

Appeal a ban - Support | Amazon Games

Hope this clarifies any doubts on this matter!

Stay Safe! :sunny:

read the announcement literally on every page of forum ?