I have change my way to play the game, to enjoy it more

Now i don’t even think about upgrade anymore after 1350+, i just sell everything and make gold and i can buy all the skin i want.

I focus only on playing what i want each day, and i enjoy the game better, trying to upgrade all the time was an painfull way to try to enjoy the game, better ignore it for now.

Argos no longer exist for me now, i will just chill out playing some of my roster and waiting to the roadmap or new class and see what i will do next.



Great way of thinking. This community has become so brainwashed by streamers, YouTubers, the FOMO for this game is beyond anything I’ve seen in other communities. I can’t believe the amount of complaining and rushing to do PHASE 1 of Argos. It’s actually such a joke

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I don’t know if we have been brain washed. We have been told the good stuff happens once we are caught up and I think we are trying to catch up. I got discouraged myself and I am only 1350. Shouldn’t we be trying to get caught up to do the new content? I wouldn’t say trying to do what the devs said we should do is brain washed zombie behavior. Absolutely not something to get mad at streamers for. Anyway, trying to progress your character seems like a valid goal.

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shouldn’t have listened to the whiners kek, what did you think would happen after 1370? you go from doing igrexion 2x per day to doing night fox yoho 2x per day, and you get a one hour weekly boss, nothing much changes otherwise

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Lol no I thought there would be more keeping up until we caught up to kr. At that point there has been some hype about how good that is. You do know 1370 isn’t the end goal right? Right now though I feel behind. I don’t like that feeling. Is that okay with you? Also this might be hard to believe but my streamer of choice isn’t crazy. Bluddshed is fun to watch even when he plays d3. :partying_face:

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Behind who? There isn’t a roadmap, you have no idea when the next content is, and all you’re missing is a 1 hour boss a week. Tell me again, how are you not brainwashed?

yeah but they’re gonna delay legion raid now so we don’t have much

I am the same way, I do not think I will find a “main” until Lance Master or Summoner come out, so all my classes are just alts. I don’t feel super motivated to push any one of them though so my goal is to just get everything to t3 and all horizontal related progression. I’m actually going to have to buy some character slots at this point to see if something else clicks.

Behind who? Wtf are you talking about. Behind the content. There is no who to be behind. You do realize that right now this is the most solo friendly mmo. Why do you think being behind has to be behind another. If I’m running late for work that’s about time not about competition. I feel behind where the content is. Guess what? I’m behind where the content is. I’m beginning to think this superior attitude you seem to have is really a coping mechanism for your own shortcomings.