I Have No Quests and Can't Get Any at Level 24

Most everyone is missing their main quest. We are stuck in the water and can’t get the quest back. It’s a lot of people who were online when Galatur went down. Our character that we have worked hard on is at a stand still. No main quest listed anymore. No way to get it back. Need help please. I was in the monastery. Just reset the monastery main quest and I can take it from there.

Character: Xyyth
Server: Galatur

Thank you.

It sounds like everyone on Galatur has or will have this missing quest bug.

Really annoying as we paid for a head start and we can’t make any progress…

This whole odd situation seems messed up. Still no quests.

I too am dealing with this frustrating issue. Three day head start, but, half of it was botched.

Dead in the water. No progress. This is serious stuff. Get better equipment for Galatur server. Give us our main questlines back so we can move forward with our game.

I had the same issue. Unable to enter Luterra Castle. No quest showing. Then I found in the NE section of the map a signal fire that had to be lite. Once done everything opened back up and quest showed again.

Yeah…this is not the case. All quests on list are gone and there is no way to retrieve the current quest line.

Please check out News Post on this topics to find the steps you can take to resolve this issue.