I have no sound in game

i have no sound at all only for this game for some reason. i need help. i tried looking for the media feature pack but im not able install it

Hello @kahleelb ,

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I am sorry to know that the in-game sound is not audible for you.

I would like to recommend some steps that can resolve such issues.

  • Run Lost Ark as admin and verify the game files.

  • Make sure that the in-game volume isn’t disabled or too low.

    1. From the in-game play screen, select the Esc button.
    2. Within the Game Menu, select Settings, and then Audio.
    3. Confirm the volume sliders are not set to 0, and that the check boxes for the volume sliders are checked.

If volume isn’t the issue, try the troubleshooting over at Microsoft Support.

Let me know the outcome.

I hope this helps! :magic_wand: