I have not been negatively affected by the NA West issues at all, but I also expect compensation

I play on NA East, and was not aware of any issues until I came to the forums. However, if compensation is being given I think NA East should also be given compensation. Otherwise it would be unfair to everyone having to level our new Glaiviers without the same compensation as NA West. This cannot happen.

By giving compensation to NA West only, you are punishing me for playing on working servers on NA East. Thanks to the poor communication around the issues from AGS, I was also unable to make a character on the Mari server in time to be eligible for the compensation.

The compensation for all regions needs to be at least

  • 5x 50 Aura of Resonance
  • 5x Shard selection chest
  • 5x Leapstone selection chest

Thank you.

and if it wasn’t obvious, /s


No comment…

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I agree, Weasel; an individual who I have never interacted with before obviously.

But you missed a few 0’s on those chests.

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hahaha best comment

For those that have bad vision. Squint harder.

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I want compensation for you wasting my 2 minutes of my life. Give me back my life you entitled being.


Holy f, how entitled can you get…

It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Stop trying to act like a MMO is something you have to rush through and be first. Isn’t it enough to be first in the bedroom?


Imagine people from EU not being able to play instanced content for 1 maybe 2 weeks in the first month and you come here whining about 1 freaking day when the server,in which you are not even playing,is down.And on top of all that stupidy you ask for 5 chaos dungeon back when you would’ve lose only 2.

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You know what, you’re right, we need to keep things fair. AGS, can you go ahead and shutdown NA East and give them random disconnects as well? In addition to locking them out of content and causing them to miss rewards. We can’t have one region slightly ahead of us due to them not having issues.

In all seriousness, if this is what it comes to, I give up.

You might wanna make that font at the bottom a smidge bigger :joy:


I like the malding of the people who don’t read the fine print, literally.


This should not have needed the /s, still has the /s, and still got the reactions. Masterful work, truly.


Big oof. But if this post was real i would agree with you

Considering how dumb you are, those 2 minutes wouldn’t be well used anyway.


Classic forum andy that cant read

Classic insult from a Karen who thinks you should easily be able read super small sized texts and expect joke-threads in a feedback section.

it’s incredible that someone can make a light-hearted joke in these forums and somehow these angry clowns will still find a way to shit on you

my condolences OP
-fellow NA West Mari player

Well guess what, I read it

I think that’s what people call white privilege.
I rly.hope ur joking otherwise ur the biggest Karen ever

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