I have the feeling that EU West is a trap

Greetings everyone ^^

What i write has nothing to do with bashing AGS and iam not angry ant anyone, iam just curious about your opinion to make a good decision.
We have no eta ( not even close ) on the new eu west region to finally play the game without waiting hours or changing the RL to pass. Some people i know are frustrated and quit, some get annoyed by the queues, crashes and bad serverstability. On top of that the people are uncertain of when the servers will go online, how many are they, do i get my founderspack and all twitchdrops etc etc. The longer this situation goes on the less people are even wanting to go on the new servers. Not only are people having at least some progress ( some peopel have 3-5 50 allrdy ) they fear starting new in a dessert or in a dying serverregion with no way out ( no servertrans ).
Therefore iam asking everyone of you: Is the eu west solution a trap that we waiting for but will never have the impact we desire or will straigt up downgrade the enjoyment of the game with like 4-5 halffull servers instead of the juicy ones in eu central ?
Maybe you have ideas and how to prevent that nightmare, that by the locks could happening. Let me know your thoughts below !

Thanks for reading and caring !

I have the feeling that I can’t understand your entire rant here.


okay you could ask me if you want ^^

Yes, that’s most likely what’s going to happens. They are naming it EU west to get more people to join but it’s another mistake.
I’ve said many times (and data on other games back me up) that this game will not retain 50% of it’s actual playerbase, there is enough EU servers as it is for a “normal” situation. In 2 months everything will be back to normal, if they split the population now, playing in Europe is going to be a very different experience…
We’ll see I guess, it’s not like they’re taking feedback from us.

I think you are underestimating the hype for this game and the amount of players actually going full-in into Lost Ark.
Of the 1m-1.5m players we currently have, I recon atleast 500k will stay.

Then you’re more pessimistic than I am, 50% of 1.5m is 750k. You said 500k

yes now the hype is crazy but in 2-3 month? people will do something else, its normal in every game there is.

I don’t expect the new region to have much effect on most players. People who will go to EU-West will be able to enjoy low pop servers and play the game without wasting time in queues. On the other hand they might wait longer in queues for instances, for the world content, and have less active market. It’s still likely gonna be better experience than our overcrowded EU-cent. Good for the pioneers. The original region is gonna continue to be stuck in endless queues tho because people invested too much.

The best bet to split the player base evenly imo, would be a full wipe of all current EU servers, deleting all the characters, so that starting in either of the regions would be the same. Preferably even splitting up the current server names between the regions. With the wipe AGS should be more willing to send players all the founder packs and twitch rewards again fixing couple additional issues like communities being spread over multiple servers due to locks. Players would be pissed about lost progress, but it would also be more fair and provide better foundation for future than current mess.

The only reason why the game will die down is because of lack of servers, not because (like most other games) lack of content. If you think Lost Ark will shrink 50% then you are in denial. It is the perfect combination of PC and mobile-like game and it will be incredibly popular for the foreseeable future. It’s just not your typical MMO which is shiny at first and boring later.

They will provide new region for people that are trying to get to the game… you know F2P.

Us? We are pretty much stuck where we are… weak might leave, but us strong will get steeled by the experience. We will become unstoppable.

… Can’t wait to get so strong to just one shot T3 raid bosses.

Well… just get used to queues for few weeks. Like any other MMO launch.