I have translated the Bracelet DMG increase calculator

Hello I was looking for a bracelet calculator in english but did not find any.
So I went and found a KR one.
I did some translation but it will not be 100% right because I do not know korean.
I still hope you can get some use out of it.
Just make a copy into your google doc and try it out.
Input your engravings and armor set on the right side first.

Original post from KR : 로스트아크 인벤 : 팔찌 계산기 [ 20221017 Ver3.03 ] - 로스트아크 인벤 팁과 노하우 게시판
My translation : Copy of Bracelet Calculator from KR Ver3.0 - Google Sheets
Older 2.03 version:
COPY Bracelet Doc From KR Ver2.03 - Google Sheets

If you find anything that could make it better please post in here and tell me.
Have fun with it.
EDIT: Translated the 3.0 version of the calculator

Some notes:
Don’t take the numbers as 100% right. Please use it as a reference only.
For example, the dmg increase for specialization will most likely be higher then it should be.
Because different classes have different math behind how much they scale with specialization.

All engravings on the right side will apply their max “stack”. (like adrenaline it will be at 6 stacks)
All the class engravings that have “!” also will apply their highest “stacks”. (like Death blow will use all 4 balls)

Because Wedge and Circulate have “random” (not really but it is complicated) rates.
They will be calculated with “average” rates.


The calculator seems to be incomplete.
On my bracelet I have the effect called “Cheers”.
I don’t find this effect in the calculator.

From what I saw the maker of this calculator did not care about the “low tier” effects so he only added the effects you would keep.
if you want to see the dmg increase from it then try adding the weapon power or stats that you would gain into the bracelet.

Thanks for your research, SomeRandomAsianGuy! I will move your post from the German “Tipps und Guides” to the English “Tips and Guides” so it can get the attention it deserves. :slight_smile:

this version was just a test to see if people wanted it.
But I am working on a better version right now.
I will change the link when I finish it.

This is super useful, thank you I didn’t know a resource like this existed. Its pretty obvious but you want to correct the stats from STR/INT/SWIFT to STR/INT/DEX

Thank you for the feedback. :heart:
I have fixed it now.

I have been getting a lot of requests for edditing permissions in the doc.
Just copy it to your own drive and you can do whatever you like to it.
But be careful with inputting the stats. A
Always have % and so on in the end of your stats.

Thank yo a lot. Thats a useful tool. Could i just add my Summoner shurdi crit chance as crit stat after i converted it to the approbiate crit stat amount or would that mess with the calculation?

It will effect the calculations because it depends on what crit rate and crit dmg you already have.
If you want you could do that to see if you over crit with the shurdi buff. (the “DMG increase rate” will be red if you have too much crit)
Normally it only shows up for entropy builds/classes.
But if you don’t have any crit on your bracelet then it will not change anything.

Ty. I’ll Play around a lil Bit with the settings.

Thats amazing man, thank you for the hard work. Please make sure to post it here again when your new version is ready! looking forward to it


Thanks for this bro!