I have used Feiton Power Pass on a random character because of an expiration date bug :(

Hello @Roxx

I would like to mention that many of us who are planning to main a Destroyer, including me, have already used Feiton Power Pass (on random character) just because of the expiration date on the login screen was showing 28/4. If this bug was not present I would happily keep the Power Pass for my Destroyer. I know you have fixed the bug but it was already late for me :frowning:

I truly hope you can ask your colleagues, who are in charge of this decision, to give us another Power Pass. I am even willing to buy it for real money if there was an option for it.

Thank you


While I feel for you, you’re the one who used the pass on a character before looking into whether they’d fix it or not.

While it’s SG’s fault for the bug, you could have recovered from it if you played it safe and waited. While unlikely, I do hope they give you a new one, but your other passed character would need to be forfeit. Selling them for real $$ is a much bigger topic than this as well.

If you have not already used the express pass, I’d recommend using that for Destroyer; that’s a super fast way to get to T3. Something tells me you’ve already used it, though…