I hope devs do not give in the streamers demands

So we have this populer streamers demanding some things like thining out daily chores(asmon,atk) others saying there is too much raid and there is too much to do in general(stoopz). I have 6 characters right now I am playing and some days expecially end of the week I have nothing do in game I dont know why a lot of streamers started saying things like there are too much content whether it is vertical, daily chores, or even raids. maybe they got tired of streaming lost ark I don’t know but please don’t listen to them as I said some times there is no content to be doing so i just enter game afk for a hour, I also have been following the kr version to look at the new content and pretty exited about some stuff like how are we able to do all 6 raids on 1 character and get stones and bones for a vertical content. so keep up the good work. do not down grade volume or the instensity of your content. Some of these streamers abandoned all rationality and claimed that all these gatekeeping and some of the toxic elements of the game’s player base are due to the abundance of content. No, no such thing is caused by the “abundance” of the content. However the claims are baseless as it seems they are really great at manipulating the scene and making it look like that is what the community thinks.

What “streamers are demanding” clearly do not affect you. Congrats you have more time back to yourself to do other stuff outside the game if they implement it and you somehow see this as a bad thing? I highly doubt you’re running ALL your raids from valtan to brel hm on all 6 characters. You probably can if you just never sleep or only spend every waking hour in game.

Who cares about streamers in the first place? Just some fb generation kids with low self esteem.

as I said in the last part they can make it seem like the entire community is on their side and that can presure a cahnge that we dont want.

People creating games and running successful business are not easily manipulated, especially by some random twitch guy.

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It does. My time is my own business I am at a part of my life where I can dedicate more than 4 hours into it and I am runing out of contents. and say if I am not able to give that much time it doesn’t matter because I am not seeing this game as a daily must do tasks I can take off for however days weeks as I want the thing is I wants them as an option and dedicate as much as time as I want to when I want to so you are either the you are the guy who sees their dailies as religios duties you are compelled to do or a lazy instant gratification slave gen Z either way the problem is you not the game.

I hope so, I have seen it happaned.

That’s why more and more people are leaving everyday and bots are coming back.

Again there’s literally no downside to reducing dailies. You can’t even use “oh theres nothing to do in game” as an excuse. Literally go do anything else.


Except… they don’t.


They need to change something, because regardless of what you personally think the current state of the game isn’t working. They’ve just now started to realize that.

That doesn’t matter, it’s SG who calls the shots. AGS don’t even know how to code the ingame clock lol. And somehow SG refused to reduce daily chores and they clearly stated that on LOA ON. Also they don’t give a damn about non Ko community for obvious reasons.

I don’t say I approve that, but that’s how it is.

So basically if you can’t no life it then your opinion doesn’t matter. Got it.

When you will spend hours and days ,only on brel hard, you will understand. And yes, they are right, i’m unable to do guardians & chaos or anything else, not even all my legion raids

This is not what just streamer say. This is what legit a very high amount of player say and why many player quitted the game.

If you can play this game 6h a day and do all content - amazing! But many cant. This game should be balanced around a very healthy playtime. The content we have currently is much. If you also do the timegated content like event islands, events, chaos gates, field bosses etc. you really run out of time.

A cut in the daily chore is necessary and good. If it doesn’t fit you, sorry to say this: The majority in this game counts more. And the majority is quite upset about the current system.


There is a worse aspect to daily chores, it is that chaos are very low diffiuclty and very low variation…

Make it one chaos a day BUT make it 5 floors and add in more variation and challenge… Take some ideas froma game like PoE and add in things you can click on to up the challenge and juice the rewards a bit.

People seem don’t get that game doesn’t have to offer you a complete completion in 3-4 hours it reason of being give people to do something to kill time if they limit it to 3-4 hours people who play above it will have nothing to do if they give above 3-4 hours you can get a rest bonus for the things you don’t do. it is like setting air conditioner. you set the air conditioner for the hottest people in the room because other ones can wear more articles of clothing, but the hot ones can’t walk around naked.

I am not only doing brel but especially towards end of the week I also open learning parties for vykas in my alts to coach inexperienced players through raids. if you don’t like the process this includes dailies, raids, vertical content, you’re playing the wrong game. why do you do something you can barely stand? brel hard is end end game content it supposed to be a progression.

Somethings need to change yes but they need to ADD content to the game not remove it, It seems that is also what SG thinks I want you check out what KR have right now we are going to have plus one kayangel dungeon on top of all the weeklies after that there is a new vertical content adding to the game with that you will also be able to do plus 6 legion raids selection of 3 will give you gold rest will give materials and chaos stones for that vertical and horizontal content.

I open this thread to give positive feedback for all these changes because no one gives positive feedback it is a standard human behavior we don’t usually give positive feedbacks if things go our way, we stay silent in turn this helps streamers to create illusion that there is a problem, there is not. if there is that’s because people ran out of things to do not the other way around and it is laughable everyone repeating the line “people are quitting the game because of xxx” with the data they pull out of their butts.

and for the last guy daily chores are daily chores I don’t think they need to be challenging there is a challenge content in the game I agree to part there should be more which is also what SG thinks and the incoming patches the steps are taking in this direction as I mention some of them above.