I hope that Legion Raids are not delayed

I believe that I, and many other people, are hoping that the new roadmap does not delay Legion Raids to match the pace of progression of the western version, and instead speeds up the progression of the NA version to match the original release timeline.

The amount of materials that players have access to without paying money or flipping items on the AH is directly quantifiable and comparable to the average materials required for honing, and AGS/SG should be able to determine what needs to be added for this amount of materials to be reached by the amount of players they want at the threshold to enter the raid on the original schedule.

Gold River said that the original plan was Argos in 1 month, and Valtan roughly a month after. If Valtan ends up releasing 3 or 4 months in because it was decided to pull the Astalgia patch honing buffs and slow everyone down massively, that would be very disappointing.

I imagine it won’t be good for player numbers as many players choose to quit while sitting in the dead zone farming dailies for months waiting for the Legion Raid content that all the hype for the game has been around.

Ironically, 1415 (Valtan) in 2 months would be what a semi-hardcore f2p player would reasonably reach if we had the buffed Astalgia patch honing rates from the start (like what was originally intended), since 1400-1415 is actually more than 3x what it takes for 1355-1370 and the buffs were only through 1370.

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And if they could release classes before it, with enough catchup mechanics and a Special power pass for new classes to 1302, so ppl who wants to reroll main, can do it before legion raids, already getting tired and frustrated over time that i cant play all the content yet with my real main and not a sort of main/alt I’m using right now