I hope there is some good news soon, cause the fourms are on fire

Hoping for some good news soon from Amazon and Smilegate about the stuff to look forward to from the newspost. Fourms have been on fire.

This is the only thing related to future content heard so far today. Just hoping to hear the official release date of said roadmap.

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Yeah it’s been getting worse here wince Argos update.
But hopefully it will calm down once the roadmap and patch hit

Understandably so as they missed the mark with it. . Just hope those updates bring enough mats in

Getting more event coins does not mean more mats by the way . Raising the roster limit on exchanging with the event npc means more mats…I hope they thought of that…

So if they don’t do that all is left is the guardian raiid event+pvp vendor …lets hope for more mats on those two

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Yeah, enought mats mean more chance to reach pity for 100% success rate. :eyes:

Can’t beat RNG. :frowning_face:

yeee no pretty big no sadly but atleast we can get a bit distracted with ranked PvP and grind for a month to play argos because they delay valtan now :heart:.

no realtalk they rly try to milk the playerbase atm its not even funny anymore :slightly_smiling_face:
anyone who thinks the decision to hold back so much content is in favor of the playerbase is delusional its simply to make more money lol

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Nah the event coins just make it easier to get everything, which honestly doesn’t do much. I feel like I get enough coins from dailies already. Honing chance books are a nice addition to the vendor tho. I’m just hoping the guardian event and pvp vendor will bring in a good chunk more to get to 1370 much faster lol.

Radio silence prob cause of the weekend… just hoping to see some more communication in these rough times

Is actually very hard to find any MMO forums that is not on fire even among the dead ones. Doomsaying is the rule .

Said that I was hoping to get a new class this Thursday :upside_down_face:. I know the best leaks are saying first april update but I’m still hoping for a good surprise :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Eh they won’t but I forsee the honing update sooner hopefully. And new classes. But the roadmap will tell us what we need.

What do you want? New event to win more honing materials this thursday and soon we will have the roadmap, did you read the news from past week?

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I didn’t miss the post. Also looking forward to those new skins and mount + roadmap.

Weekly patch is thursday…

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i mean we watched the news thats why we still complain lmao :rofl: u think pvp and 1 extra guardian per day suddenly gonna fix the issues we have ? its a bandaid for the argos mess the produced but roadmap gonna show if we make it to the hospital or die :woozy_face:

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I understand your hopeless, but we don’t even know how much materials the things give yet.

well :smiley: yeah i was raging in the treeofsavior forum as well because its jsut a crap game… never was in the forum for ffxiv though ^^ i suppose there are issues as well but nothing i could not handle

“You’ll receive this gift the week of March 21, after our weekly update and maintenance.


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Yeah so Thursday from the update. Just hoping for silence to be broken and hoping for good news before then lol.

I don’t know why people would think they’d do something to the event vendor and add the ways for mats on a Monday when weekly reset is Thursday. It’s kinda obvious that patches come on Thursdays. Also people should do their dailies/weeklies on Wednesday > Night to Thursday so they can’t complain again that morning of Thursday servers are off for patch maintenance.

That’s what i’m saying , it doesn’t make a difference if we get more tokens cause the tokens we already get are more than enough to buy everything from the vendor . What they NEED to do is raise the limit on how many mats you can exchange .