I hope there's good compensation for this messed up queue

Edit: They gave out ~5k in compensation, TY AGS

Normally I would have 6 hours to finish my dailies, instead I get 0 because of a 15k queue that takes over 3 hours, and a maintenance which as usual, starts 3 hours before reset and lasts through reset.

Estimated losses are:

  • Field Boss = ~655g
  • Chaos Dungeon = ~800g (cut in half because of Rest Bonus), ~100k Silver
  • Adventure Island = ~15k pirate coins (or 600g - 1200g)
  • Guardian Raids = ~2600g (cut in half because of Rest Bonus, I have a lot more uncomplete here)
  • Rapport = ~150k Silver
  • Unas = ~630g (cut in half because of Rest Bonus)

So altogether, I’m losing like:

  • 5.5k Gold
  • 250k Silver
  • Any potential jewelery/stone sales on top of that

I’m not expecting the compensation to literally be worth that much, but I hope it’s something more than like 1 day of crystalline aura and 5 bomb chests (111g value).

Would be nice if they could just double rested bonuses for today or something.

Some people in guild done no dailies, probably losing 2x+ this.

You won’t get anything :slight_smile: . EUC had this problem for 3 weeks so I hope it lasts for you too and you are having a great time!


your list barely makes sense w.e there is compensation coming

What doesn’t make sense? It’s the amount of gold the mats are worth.

they not giving gold as any compensation, so idk what u could get that would make up for that but aye man good luck

I mean it’s a mat to gold conversion, and there’s plent of things they can give out which convert to mats that they have given out already like aura of resonance, boss rush tickets, extra una tickets, etc

aye man i support it, a man gotta eat, go head bro

yeah they gave out about 5k in compensation