I hope they announce honing changes (or that there will be no changes) with Argos ASAP

It’s going to feel really bad if people just keep honing every day, and then find out in a week or two that if they had waited and stockpiled materials their materials would have taken them 3x as far, or that honing through T1 and T2 on alts was pointless because T3 powerpasses are added.

I hope that we get some sort of announcement of whether or not honing changes will be made with the release of Argos soon, no matter what is actually happening.

They said March. So this means March 31st 11:59pm in the furthest time zone.

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where in the argos notification did they mention honing buff? the picture everyone is shooting around claiming it to be a patchnote leak which shows honing increase was the pre game launch patchnote that they then changed

I’m not talking about the announcement of Argos, I’m talking about announcing if there will be honing changes with Argos so people know whether honing now is a massive waste of materials.

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Nowhere, but people think it will happen just because of how long it takes to get to 1370 right now.

If they release new content that requires 1370 when a normal player will take like 2 months to reach 1370 and do nothing for catchup, especially when they have stated they want to rush people to T3 raid content ASAP, I would find that very odd.

The mention is that Argos and South Vern further information was gonna mentioned in March. If they are changing honing, it would be in that announcement too.

The 3 options to look for are

  • “T1/T2 catchup and entry T3 costs reduced”
  • “T1/T2 catchup and T3 untouched”
  • “No changes”

That “no changes” is unlikely because Argos and South Vern are essentially Tier 3.5.

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People think it will happen cuz people shooting pictures around of that old patchnote…

not saying it wont happen, maybe it will but i think with this GR nerf and doing a honing buff would just be putting salt in the wound, people will walk more then they already have tbh

at the end of the day its up to them, Argos release if released next week is tbh just a bit early, but great for those whos 1370 by cashing or insane luck, but most people who even rushed to t3 isnt there yet nor will be next week so i dont see why they need to buff the others up xD will just piss the people whos been in t3 for 2-3 weeks at that point whos not 1370 either

its supposed to be slow and painful

You’re missing the point though. I’m not saying they should or shouldn’t make changes.

I’m saying since it appears they may make changes, they should announce that ASAP (or announce there will be no changes if no changes) so that people don’t get “salt in the wound” as you say when they find out they just blew all their resources hitting 1370 when post patch those same resources would take them to 1400 or something.

This is also something I want to know about, spending so much time leveling alts if they do something like adding 1302 powerpass to cash shop it’s going to feel awful.

where does it appear that way? eexcept the fact that amazon just showed they lack brain and clearly dont know what they are doing and will probably make another wrong step

they havent done or said anything that will indicate they will do that anytime soon unless i missed something

Combination of the reverted honing catchup patchnotes from launch, Smilegate saying they want people in T3 content, and Smilegate’s history of adding catchups to reach new content when it is released.

There is a tradeoff, its not just having your progression invalidated. The early T3 and T2 alts generated insane gold that you will never see in these ratios long after these changes are made. You should see the price of crystals and the auction house for T1/T2 mats on KR/RU right now lol.

tell me prices please sir
what are those KR prices for t1/2 mats

If there is any catchup which i doubt, it would only increase rates up to 1302, which most people should be at on their mains in the coming weeks