I hope you return the initial base class content

there’s this article: Lost Ark: Was Delaying It To 2022 The Right Decision? | MMORPG.com

I agree with this part:
“The storyline in the game is lackluster at first, and by removing the initial base class content for the first nine levels, it feels like some of the class fantasy/identity and world-building elements are missing.”

I hope you bring those back. I played them in the alpha and enjoyed it.


Thank you for your feedback on the initial base content being added back in. I will be sure to pass this along to the team.


I just want to say I agree with this 100%. :grinning:
While I loved the game to bits anyway, staring at level 9 in the beta felt a bit jarring and I would like to be able to play the original class intros. Maybe add them with an option to skip (like the prologue) for those who want to go fast.