I just figured why they called it Machinist

It’s just to make a pun. Rage Against the Machine


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Too bad they failed the joke/reference.

I read it as “Rage against the machinist” first.
Since that is the obvious way to go with it.

Then seeing it later I saw they messed up.
I guess they wanted a positive spin (?) but result became a fail I would say.

Big fan of, Rage Against The Machine. :metal:


I bet your future Machinist will be called “Rage”. :smiley:

That or, Renegade of Funk! :wink:

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Oh, I thought it was something to do with Cristian Bale in the movie of the same name…


No and I’m mad about it. :rage:
already used a powerpass and it’s sitting in trixion

Will Scouters founder skin be re-modeled? Because on his skin it’s written “SCOUTER”, which is completely irrelevant with the version of the game we have since it’s called mAcHiNisT here

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