I just have 1 request for AGS with respect to Tripod update

Hi @Roxx,

This is a very specific request because it will impact literally everyone and its for the health of the AH aswell.

If you guys decide to bring the Tripod update with August/September patch, please let us know quite in advance. Dont tell us a day or 2 back please.
Tripod update is a huge overall and it really messed up the BC prices in KR. They went from 3200 to 3600 overnight and the Tripod costs skyrocketed at the end. This was even after they had a month to prepare. Imagine what could happen to us.

It would be appreciated if we can get time to sort them out.


Is this from AGS or is it for AGS?

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Hey there – will try to let players know as soon as possible. It is coming to our version of the game, and I don’t have a date yet, but as far as I’m currently aware it will at least not be in the August update.


lovely roxx can u pls update us on legendary skins? :frowning:

No update there unfortunately



for the system to be on the September updates?

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what exactly is the point of pushing arguably one of the most important QOL patch KR has brought recently
you guys have a whole month to bring the patch by august what’s the hold up?

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please make sure we get the Tripod Update BEFORE you bring the balance changes and class reworks from the KR PTR Server to the West.


please try to give us a timeline for the Tripod Update AND the Class Balance changes as soon as possible