I keep getting 105 error


I keep getting this message everytime i do boss rush … and lost 7 or 6 tickets in more than one character …
i tried everything possible ( everything is up to date and used -fullscreen )

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Hi @a.elfelchawy Welcome to the Forum! :lion: :sparkles:

I hope you’re having a great day and thank you for all the information. I would like to know if you already checked the Steam files before opening the game. Here is the link just in case:

Thanks in advance for the information!

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i did that already and i did the EAC repair still getting the same thing

and i keep doing it for the past 3 days hoping it would be fixed but still having the same issue

Thanks for the confirmation, in this case if you have already tried all the suggested troubleshooting available without any positive result the best option is to submit a web ticket to investigate this problem further.
Also because we need more details related to your account.

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