I like black Shadowhunter form

South Korea lacks an anti-discrimination law, which was recommended by the UN Human Rights Committee in 2015. The law has been reported stalled due to “lack of public consensus” [took from wiki, but wiki can be unreliable]

Honestly I think the change it is a step in the right direction… I no longer feel like I’m Gollum running around in an Edward Scissor Hands cosplay… Definitely not perfect… But I do prefer the change.

SG made a game where characters are Asians. Korea had no problem with it. Japan had no problem with it Russia had no problem with it. BUT NA oh NA is special NA thinks that Asians are white so they need to be blackwashed. Because NA is Woke.


There are ridiculous cases in the US where African American students complained about racial issues (USC/UCLA) that got their professors in trouble. Unfortunately, racism and police brutality does exist. These potential racial circumstances must be tread lightly (penalties or settlements can be high, especially for large companies).

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Thus their use of the term “shadow-like hue”

I just wish AGS would take the reasonable route and give players the option to choose which form they want. If people like this new form, they should be allowed to keep it, whereas those that want the Korean version should be giving the option to download the files from Steam as a DLC.

If they had done that when it was first requested, then this issue would’ve been resolved and no further issues would have come from it.

People would complain about a light skinned character being dark

And complain about a dark skinned character being light

So what’s the compromise?


There ya go

Also the little known fact to how Korea favors light skin and blonde hair not just in game, but so does their society

But hey, we keep that stuff quiet

This is the exact reason they should put the original in as an extra option to use then you can be happy and so can I don’t really see the problem with that.

they created the game, they have power to make it the way they want.
if ags would create the game and made anyone the way they want noone would say anything. but ags thinks that they created lost ark and act like that.


Because they’re marketing this game to NA and EU and even SA

Populations that have very diverse clientelle

You know

That Business Intelligence people constantly make fun of

I’m not defending it, honestly it was poorly implemented and would like a better solution

Just pointing out facts

EU and SA dont care about the WOKE NA shit.


Just add an option to choose what form you want to use…