I like this game, but not enough to wait in queue

I enjoy LA, I have $250 in it (mostly skins and founders/ark pass) and over 900hrs played.

However, I don’t like it enough that I have to wait in a 2hr+ queue whenever I want to play it, and it’s only getting worse as more and more bots flood the servers because of the RMTer dipshits with low self esteem wanting to validate their existence in a videogame.

It’s unfortunate, and I genuinely enjoy the gameplay, but I will go back to WoW if I have to spend hours in queue to play this game. This isn’t a rage post or a threat or anything, it’s just reality. I want this game to do well but I just can’t justify playing it if half my playtime is being eaten up by bot-caused queues.

Have a good time in WoW, which also had these issues upon launch.

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Remember to come back when bots are dead

I 100% agree with you, but the straw that’s about to break my back is the amount of Wei’s I’ve missed because of the queues. I don’t mind waiting in queue because I just spend it doing little chores and things here and there but missing a wei spawn actually hurts.