I lost all my harmony shards

Hi, i lost all my harmony shards when i started opening my life shards pouches. Im almost in t2 580 ilvl and since i was bored i started doing islands that reward t2 upgrades and when i opened the chests suddenly i realised i had 0 harmony shards please give my shards back. i don’t have enought money to buy thousands of them help pls!

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same happened to me. i lost thousands of harmony shards. doing new quests they still dont show up and buying from a vendor does not deliver harmony shards. im effed.

This just happened to me. I was in Vern at the honing crafter and opened I think 10-20 medium harmony shard pouches and they aren’t in my inventory afterwards. Saw them drop and got message in chat I received them but I did NOT get them. Nowhere in my inventory. This is ridiculous. Any way to get them now?

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Happened to me as well, I would say I lost over 20K of harmony stones. Dev’s/Technical support can you help us.

Harmony and Life Shards (t2) are currency. Check your currency inventory. It’s the yellow/gold chest icon along the top left of your screen.

I have, I was saving up Harmony to do some honing. I want to say I had over 30,000 with all the island runs I have done. The only things I did yesterday was create a new character, that I powerpassed today to see if that was it, and it wasn’t. Unlocked Rohendel chaos dungeons. Under harmony I have 8K from a chaos dungeon I just completed.