I lost my Argos entry chance because of maintenance

I entered argos with my friend and gave a maintenance notice while we were inside and was kicked out of the game earlier than the time gave us. We lost our entry ticket and the claims.

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Yes we was on the p3 but we lost our entry ticket and we did not get the rewards. We playing on kadan server my nick name Hellidor and my friend’s name Poînê, i hope u can help us about this issue

So make a ticket, they can’t do anything through the forums.

Yep I know but Idk how can I ticket

so first of all before opening a forum post just use google i think you will find how you can make a ticket then if you wanted to.
next is, if the disconnect is server related you will get a re-entry ticket with the next 1-48h via ingame mail. if it occured on your side because for example you had some hardware problems or sth like that you will not get a re-entry for this week.