I lost my connection in the first phase, didn't get a reward, lost my tickets,and couldn't continue with the second

I lost my connection in the first phase, didn’t get a reward, lost my tickets, and couldn’t continue with the second phase, I was depressed and wanted to solve my problem, thanks, Server: VALTAN US West, Character Name: ASHAOGOD

I had the same problem last week, but after 5 minutes I received an email with a replacement ticket, but this week it wasn’t, and it’s been two days, so come for help.

IThe Captain first showed me that I still had two more chances to enter, but I could not enter the first stage nor the second stage, which made me very sad, please help me, thank you

Welcome to the club man. They will basically tell you its your fault and you have to wait until the next reset. As they told me…

Well, I didn’t have much hope, the game experience was very bad.

Hey there @ASHAOGOD,

Welcome to our forums, glad to have you around.

Sorry to hear about this disconnection you had.
Mind sharing which of dungeons or runs or boss you had this issue with?

For example, when this happens on Argos, the system analyzes where the issue came from. If it happens on server it grants another ticket automatically in the next 24 hrs. If it’s on player side it doesn’t.

Will wait for your response.


@DevonK Thank you for your reply, I lost the link when the boss had very little health left in the first phase of the Raiders valtan, I immediately re-logged into the game, you know, the game program started very slowly, and when I logged in to the character, I found that my character was dead, my teammates left the team, I analyzed that my teammates should have defeated the boss in my absence, I didn’t get any rewards and then automatically quit the dungeon, Since a similar situation happened last week, I didn’t care about going offline and rested, and the next day I found that I couldn’t enter the dungeon, the first stage and the second stage couldn’t enter, and I didn’t get any rewards. My problem is that when I lose the connection my teammates play through the first stage, I don’t have a pass reward, and my progress shows that I didn’t pass the first stage and can’t get to the first and second stages, which is weird. Hope you can help me feedback my question. Thanks again.

I’m raiding this dungeon for the problem

Show that I have lost my qualification to enter the dungeon
But here it shows that I have two more chances

Here it shows that I didn’t clear any stage of the dungeon

It is shown here that I did not pass the first stage, so I could not enter the second stage

My English sucks and thanks for reading it :sweat_smile:

Sorry to hear about that @ASHAOGOD.
When did this happen?

The one thing I could suggest is to verify integrity of the game files. Then try to run it again.

However, if you didn’t receive the ticket the system may have taken the failure was from your end.
Should be there in the next 24hrs after the disconnect.

Hope this helps.


@DevonK On this Thursday, I can’t remember the exact time, and I found that there are a lot of people in the same situation as me, and everyone doesn’t get tickets, so I don’t have much hope, I just hope to solve this problem completely, I don’t want to worry about the connection problem Raiders dungeons, isn’t there a perfect solution to the problem of dropping the line …

Finally, thank you for your reply :grin: