I lost my Crystaline Aura

Hi, today after logging in, i lost my crystaline aurta, i had about 31days left,
Can someone tell me why?


Most likely a bug that will simply fix itself. Hopefuly, I lost about 60 days for now and I am hoping for it to appear again.
(Edit- The crystaline aura came back after about 10-15 minutes. Just give it time. As said just a bug) @pejnik

i geti tback too

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Hello, @pejnik and welcome to the Lost Ark Forums!

Regarding the situation you’re having with the Crystaline Aura:

Please keep me posted on this! :smiley:

All is fine Santoryu, thanks for help :wink:

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Anytime, hope you’re enjoying the game! :smiley:

<3 glad about it

50 minutes playtime and still no Aura or my Store or other paid purchases :frowning:
Character: Hakfoow
Server: Slen

Bronze pack plus 2200 royal crystals and associated other currency :frowning:

Any news/update?