I lost my Crystalline Aura after update

As the title says I lost my crystalline aura after the update… :c

Same here, Crystalline aura and all my crystals are gone

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I was with the same problem. Just exit the game and open again. Also, change the Channel ingame. Works for me.

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Same problem here

Steam id : 76561199241890756
In game name ; nomixer
Server : kadan

Problem is aura is off and i have items on pet storage which i can not open at all now

Heading back to charachter select and entering game again fixed it for me, didn’t need to quit or log out of server !

Same issue here,
I lost My aura, all of my product inventory had like 7 un opened items…
all of my blue Crystal (about 1700)
and all of my Royal crystals also, (about 6000)
I got plat founders pack,

Server: Trixion
Character: Tnsix

Hello same here,

Lost my 30 days aura item in the inventory.

Server : Trixion
Character : Junglez


Same problem lost my 33 days aura

Server : Beatrice
Character : Hatwhite